Jad Taleb, has been a key figure in the underground music scene in the MENA region for the better part of a decade with global performances in different European hubs, appearances with Boiler Room, RBMA among others. Taleb is a music producer lauded for his unique & exotic sounds. His passion has never limited him to electronic music; he has also worked as a film composer, sound designer, and digital artist. He launched a series of events over the years related to audiovisual arts, from exhibitions, to different event formats that combines music & interactive media, to different types of party experiences.

He recently launched himself as a digital artist, and stamped and early presence in the NFT space, he released his pieces on diverse NFT marketplaces, the likes of Foundation.app, Zora.co, XNFT, Utopia.art. He is currently working on interesting collaborations with fellow digital artists, performers, musicians in this sphere, and planning on expanding his artistic vision & dynamics into the metaverse.

the NFT revolution,

“brings the power to artists to take control over their assets and widen their reach in a self-curated decentralized environment.”

Taleb's explorations in music initially took him to the Electro-rock world, where he founded Flum Project at the age of 20, a Beirut-based electronic rock duo. From there, he developed into the sequencing maniac that he is, pushing his boundaries and personalizing a sound for himself that merges electro, Techno soundtrack & obscure oriental sounds. 

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